Malaysian Doctorate Association

D. Aspiration members of the Doctor of Philosophy

i.Nationality : Malaysia
ii.Minimum Age : 23 years old
iii.Area/State Of Member's Residence : Open
iv.Race : Open
v.Sex : Open
vi.Religion : Open
vii.MDA Membership Code Number Sample : APG 0000
viii. Other Membership criteria:
(a)Individual who aspires to pursue studies at the degree level for doctor of philosophy or equivalent recognized by the Government of Malaysia (JPA Malaysia) from any national and/or international institution.
(b)Individuals who holds a doctor of philosophy or an equivalent recognized by the Malaysian Government (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia) from any national and/or international institution.
2.Every application to be a member shall be proposed and supported by member and sent to the Secretary who are required to submit the application as soon as possible to the Committee for consideration.
The Committee may in its discretion reject any application without giving reason.
3.Every applicant whose application has been approved as aforesaid, shall be paying the entry fee and the first fee as specified which will be considered as a member of the Organization and shall as a member.