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Scientific publication has always been one of the key reflection of how well science is embedded in creating new knowledge via research work which often leads to the development of novel theories and technologies. Publishing a paper has now been a greater challenge, especially for the academic community. An article to be published in a greater tier journal is essential to have a very strong research outcome with recent and relevant development in the field. Thus, far before moving into the publication, appreciating why research is seen very significant and being pushed by the authoritarian could align better of our mind-set and further motivate towards that. Therefore, a day course with the title “ADAPTING IMPACTFUL RESEARCH & STRATEGIZING TOWARDS PUBLICATION” has been designed to expose and prepare the soon to be post graduates to venture the challenges in performing excellent research while having them ready for article writing.

The fundamentals of why research, who should perform, and how they should be vertically looked into would be revealed at the first half of the course. This is expected to be the eye opening and motivation factors for the participants in moving forward and mentally prepared to venture research based post graduate studies. In the second half, the essential strategies towards preparing for publication prior to article moulding would be shared. Thus, the participants are expected to prepare ahead of where and how to strategize their publications way before scheming into their studies. These steps could make the postgraduates to design better of the depth and breadth of their research work and also paper publications. At the end of this course, all participants should be able to translate the knowledge gained in seeing things very differently and more systematically vertical at micro level. On the other hand, the macro level of pre-publication steps should be mastered by them all.